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  1. LAND 400 Phase 2 is expected to generate approximately 1,450 jobs across Australia during the construction of the vehicles. The Boxer 8x8 CRV will be equipped with: Anti-Tank Guided Missile (ATGM) system - Rafael Spike LR. Remote Weapon System (RWS) - Kongsberg (Block I Vehicles), EOS (Block II)
  2. Rheinmetall Defence Australia is establishing its MILVEHCOE in Redbank, Ipswich, following its successful selection for LAND 400 Phase 2 More. Rheinmetall Defence Australia. Rheinmetall is the largest supplier of military vehicles to the Australian Defence Force. More. Queensland: Australia's next-generation defence supplier. Learn why Queensland is the most advantageous location for the.
  3. The LAND 400 Phase 2 Acquisition contract is valued at over AUD$3,334 million with the Australia expenditure of the contract being AUD$1,685 million. The contract will be delivered in accordance with an agreed delivery schedule over a period of 9 years from August 2018. Industry Requirement Work Package
  4. LAND 400 Phase 2 decision revealed (L-R) Rheinmetall Boxer CRV, BAE Systems Australia - Patria AMV-35, an Australian Army Abrams Main Battle Tank and an Australian Army Light Armoured Vehicle on the live fire range at Mount Bundey Military training area, Northern Territory. Image via Commonwealth of Australia, Department of Defence
  5. The $5.2 billion LAND 400 Phase 2 program will have Rheinmetall deliver 211 8x8 Boxer CRVs to the Australian Army. Under the company's offering to the Commonwealth, Rheinmetall will build a majority of the vehicles at the company's specialised Military Vehicle Centre of Excellence (MILVEHCOE) in Queensland
  6. Phase 3 of the overarching Land 400 program follows on from the A$5.2 billion (U.S. $3.6 billion) Phase 2, under which Rheinmetall is delivering 211 Boxer wheeled 8x8 combat reconnaissance vehicles..
  7. The review undertaken by Deloitte Australia found clear alignment between the Land 400 Phase 2 tender evaluation process and the policy direction and priorities of the 2016 Defence Industry Policy Statement (DIPS), he said. The Boxer CRV recently displayed in AUSCAM at Rheinmetall's facility in Germany

Phase 2 of the LAND 400 project is managing the acquisition of 211 combat reconnaissance vehicles and 12 additional modules. The Australian Government announced Rheinmetall Defence Australia as the preferred tenderer on 14 March 2018 with the Boxer combat reconnaissance vehicle. The total acquisition cost of the vehicles is $5.2 billion A total of 211 vehicles will be acquired under the Australian Defence Force's Project Land 400 Phase 2, valued at an estimated AU$5 billion (U.S. $3.3 billion). The first vehicle will be delivered.. Nur noch die nun verbleibenden Unternehmen Hanwha Defence Australia und Rheinmetall Defence Australia werden aufgefordert, an der nächsten Bewertungsphase teilzunehmen. Es wird erwartet, dass Rheinmetall den LYNX KF-41 anbieten wird, während Hanwha Defense Systems mit dem AS21 Redback ins Rennen geht. Das LAND 400 Phase 3-Programm, dessen Gesamtwert sich auf ca. 6,2 bis 9,3 Milliarden Euro.

The Department of Defence Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group has executed a contract with EOS Defence Systems. The contract valued at AUD$45M (GST exclusive) for the supply of Remote Weapon Systems (RWS) to the LAND 400 Phase 2 Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle project was previously announced on 24 August 2018 Defence Industry Minister Melissa Price said the LAND 400 Phase 3 program provided an exciting opportunity for Australian industry to contribute to building and maintaining these new Infantry Fighting Vehicles. Just as with the Phase 2 Combat Reconnaissance Vehicles, Australian industry involvement and Australian workers are vital to this project, she said

Today at Army's Enoggera barracks in Brisbane, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, along with Defence Minister Marise Payne and Defence Industry Minister Christopher Pyne, has announced Rheinmetall Defence Australia as the recipient of the $5.2 billion Land 400 Phase 2 Project (Armoured Reconnaissance Vehicle capability) tender which will deliver 211 vehicles to Army The Australian Government has shortlisted Hanwha Defense and Rheinmetall Defence for the Department of Defence's LAND 400 Phase 3 programme. Hanwha Defense Australia and Rheinmetall Defence Australia have been selected to take part in the next stage of evaluation under the project. The LAND 400 Phase 3 is a DoD project to acquire 450 infantry. Defence Industry Minister Steven Ciobo said the new vehicles represented a significant project which is producing high-tech, highly-skilled jobs - some 1,450 of them across Australia. I am very proud of the level of engagement with Australian industry on big projects like LAND 400, Minister Ciobo said 29.07.2016: Boxer CRV Radspähpanzer nimmt Zwischenziel im australischen Auswahlverfahren LAND 400 Phase 2. 03.09.2015: Rheinmetall submits LAND 400 bid featuring the Boxer 8x8, Lance Turret and Northrop Grumman C4ISR Architecture. 03.09.2014: Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles Australia awards key subcontracts under LAND 121 3

It follows the successful 2016 LAND 400 Phase 2 Roadshow. Across both events, more than 700 meetings have been conducted with local companies for the LAND 400 program. Australian industry will be vital to the success of the LAND 400 Phase 3 project, which will create opportunities for a diverse range of companies right across Australia Head to ICN Gateway to view the latest project information for Rheinmetall Defence Australia - Land 400 Phase 2 Progra Beginning in around 2025 Australia is slated to upgrade its M1 fleet under LAND 907 Phase 2 to a yet undecided level (e.g. SEPv2 or v3). ASLAV Canada Australia: Eight-wheeled armored personnel carrier: 257 Under LAND 400 Phase 2 the ASLAV is slated to be replaced by a new Armoured Reconnaissance Vehicle (ARV), the Boxer (armoured fighting vehicle) The objective of this audit is to assess the effectiveness and value for money of the Department of Defence's acquisition of combat reconnaissance vehicles under project Land 400 Phase 2

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Rheinmetall's BOXER 8x8 Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle Boxer CRV is a world leading armoured vehicle platform developed for Australia's Land 400 Phase 2 pro.. Defence Connect can tonight confirm the selection of Hanwha Defense Australia and Rheinmetall Defence Australia as the two successful downselection contenders in the Army's multi-billion dollar investment to replace Army's current fleet of mobility and reconnaissance vehicles. The LAND 400 Phase 3 Program will replace the M113 Armoured Personnel Carriers providing the Army with an advanced. 17 Sep 2019: Rheinmetall's Lynx KF41 Infantry Fighting Vehicle downselected for Australian's Land 400 Phase 3 program. 29 Mar 2019: Land 400 Phase 2 - Australian Government inspects first Australian Boxer vehicle at Rheinmetall in Kassel, Germany. 01 Mar 2019: Rheinmetall Submits LAND 400 Phase 3 Bid in Australia - Lynx Infantry. The Australian Minister for Defence Industry has announced that Hanwha Defense Au. and Rheinmetall Defence Au. have been downselected for Land 400 Phase 3 This is the second LAND 400 Phase 2 contract awarded to Tectonica, following on from the September 2019 award to install LSAS on vehicles on the early capability delivery fleet of BOXER 8×8 CRVs currently being built in Europe. Contributing to the Australian Government's focus on becoming one of the world's top 10 defence exporters, Tectonica has also secured a significant export contract.

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BAE Systems Australia, Patria Land Systems of Finland and BAE Systems Hägglunds of Sweden, are offering the AMV35 - a highly versatile Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle - for Phase 2 of the Commonwealth's LAND 400 program. LAND 400 Phase 2 will replace Army's existing Australian Light Armoured Vehicle (ASLAV). World class defence hu LAND 400 Phase 2. The AMV35 vehicle (Image courtesy of BAE Systems Australia) The announcement by BAE Systems Australia that it would locate its production facility at Fishermans Bend should it win the LAND 400 Phase 2 contract, represents the successful culmination of many months of work This story is relevant today for the biggest acquisition project in the army's history. In March this year, the Australian government gave the go-ahead for Defence to buy 211 Boxer combat reconnaissance vehicles under Project LAND 400 Phase 2 Von dort werden an die Australian Defence Force (ADF) Fahrzeuge wie der Radspähpanzer Boxer 8x8 Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle (CRV) im Rahmen des Milliardenvorhabens Land 400 Phase 2 sowie hochmobile Logistikfahrzeuge (LKW) im Rahmen der laufenden Programme Land 121 Phase 3B/5B ausgeliefert Under Australia's LAND 400 Phase 2 selection process, the Boxer CRV was chosen in 2016 as one of two candidates for Risk Mitigation Activity trials where the 8x8 wheeled armoured vehicle performed convincingly in the categories of survivability, mobility, firepower, and command & control

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  1. Now that the Defence Departments Land 400 Phase 2 decision has been made in favour of the wheeled Rheinmetall Defence Australia Boxer combat reconnaissance vehicle, the next army mega-acquisition.
  2. The announcement of first pass approval for phase 2 of LAND 400 means that Defence can now seek options to replace the ageing Australian Light Armoured Vehicle (ASLAV) fleet, Army's most flexible and versatile armoured fighting vehicle. Over the past 15 years, those vehicles have been at the centre of the ADF's operational deployments, from.
  3. LAND 400 PHASE 2: BOXER 8X8 ARMOURED VEHICLE PROGRESS REPORT Since signing a contract with the Commonwealth in August 2018 to supply 211 BOXER 8×8 vehicles in several variants, additional modules, training and support systems, Rheinmetall delivered their first BOXER Block I German-manufactured vehicle to Defence on 24 September 2019
  4. All EOS systems for Land 400 Phase 2 will be built in Australia in Queanbeyan, NSW and Hume, ACT and utilise components from approximately 70 Australian suppliers. The handover of these two systems marks a significant milestone for EOS, stated Dr Warwick Holloway, President of EOS Defence Systems in Australia. These are the first two of the latest generation remote weapon systems.
  5. The Australian Army is reportedly evaluating Elbit's Iron Fist active protection system (APS) for its LAND 400 Phase 2 Rheinmetall Boxer 8×8 armoured vehicles. Defence Update reported on January 21 that Army Director General, Armoured Fighting Vehicles BRIG Greg McGlone told the International Armoured vehicles 2019 in London that Rheinmetall has been asked by Army to evaluate the.
  6. Registrations are closing soon for an Australia-wide roadshow which will give small businesses in capital cities and selected regional locations the chance to be a part of Army's biggest project. Minister for Defence Industry, the Hon Melissa Price MP, said the LAND 400 Phase 3 Mounted Close Combat Capability Roadshow is a huge opportunity for Australian industry to pitch their capabilities.

Für Australien ist der jetzt beschlossene Auftrag für 225 Boxer-Radpanzer nur ein Baustein einer groß angelegten Modernisierung seiner Streitkräfte. Experten sprechen bei der aktuellen Entscheidung.. Defence will facilitate workshops around Australia where local industry can showcase their capabilities to the international manufacturers that are leading the bids for the LAND 400 Phase 2 tender. These activities will result in the development of costed options for differing levels of Australian industry participation in the acquisition and support of LAND 400 Phase 2, including&colon

Minister Pyne added that as with the LAND 400 Phase 2 Combat Reconnaissance Vehicles, Australian industry involvement, and Australian workers will be critically important. He indicated that during this tender process, Defence will work closely with industry to optimize Australian Industry Capability content. These will replace the upgraded 431 M113 armored personnel carriers in service since.

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  1. The government will soon announce the successful bidder to replace the Army's ASLAV armoured cavalry vehicles under project Land 400 Phase 2 Combat Reconnaissance Vehicles (CRVs). My new ASPI Strategic Insights paper can be found here. The two contenders are BAE Systems Australia's Armoured Modular Vehicle (AMV) and Rheinmetall Defence.
  2. The ASLAV is to be replaced in Australian Army service by the Boxer Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle under LAND 400 Phase 2, with deliveries expected from 2020
  3. By the time LAND 400 Phase 3 is contracted, the MILVEHCOE and its supporting national military vehicle industry network of Australian suppliers will be qualified for all of the common systems and components required for the Rheinmetall LYNX and LANCE solution. This national approach will directly reduce the total cost of ownership for Defence, create long term highly skilled regional jobs, and.
  4. 29 Jul 2016: Boxer 8X8 CRV downselected for Australia's LAND 400 Phase 2 program. 03 Sep 2015: Rheinmetall submits LAND 400 bid featuring the Boxer 8x8, Lance Turret and Northrop Grumman C4ISR Architecture. 03 Sep 2014: Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles Australia awards key subcontracts under LAND 121 3
  5. LAND 400 Phase 2 Mounted Combat Reconnaissance Capability, primarily enabled by the Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle (CRV) mission system (the ASLAV replacement). LAND 400 Phase 3 Mounted Close..
  6. Just as with the LAND 400 Phase 2 Combat Reconnaissance Vehicles, Australian industry involvement and Australian workers will be critically important to this project. Minister Pyne indicated that during this tender process, Defence will work closely with industry to optimise Australian Industry Capability content
  7. Nearly 70% of the operational vehicles delivered under LAND 400 Phase 2 will be based in Queensland. The MILVEHCOE's central location between the vehicle's main hubs of Brisbane, Townsville, Darwin and Adelaide is cost-effective and operationally efficient. Close collaboration with Army ensures that capability meets tactical needs

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  1. It enabled the two shortlisted tenderers, Hanwha Defense Australia and Rheinmetall Defence Australia, to identify local businesses which could contribute to their supply chains. Minister for Defence, Senator the Hon Linda Reynolds CSC said the LAND 400 Phase 3 project will provide the Army with an advanced, world class Infantry Fighting Vehicle capability. The Morrison Government is.
  2. SOUTH KOREA: Hanwha Defence has revealed its first two AS21 Redback Armoured Fighting Vehicle prototypes for the Australian Army's Project Land 400 Phase 3. RAN SOUTH CHINA SEA FONOP SOUTH CHINA SEA: Australia quietly conducted a large warship Freedom of Navigation operation (FONOP) in the South China Sea in open defiance of Chinese threats just prior to our UN rejection of the Chinese annexation
  3. LAND 400 Phase 3 - Infantry Fighting Vehicles - a possible Australian and Republic of Korea joint procurement? This utopian scenario for South Korean giant Hanwha Defence might seem at first glimpse to be rather optimistic - but there are several factors at play that might make this work for LAND 121 Phase 3. It transpires that the Army of the Republic of Korea (RoK) has also embarked on.
  4. The Australian MOD has shortlisted two companies for the Land 400 Phase 3 Risk Mitigation Activity (RMA) of the next-generation tracked infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) and armored personnel carriers (APC), to replace the Australian M-113s. The two contenders are Hanwha Defense System AS21 Redback and Rheinmetall Lynx KF-41. - Defense Update
  5. Australia Rheinmetall has submitted the Lynx KF41 for the Australian Defence Force's LAND 400 Phase 3 program (also known as the Mounted Close Combat Capability), the Request for Tender (RfT) for which was released on 24 August 2018. Land 400 Phase 3 will replace the Australian Army's M113AS4 armoured personnel carriers (APCs) with up to 450.

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  1. Australian Land 400 Phase 2 CRV Boxer. Photo: CPL Nunu Campos, Australian defence Photo: CPL Nunu Campos, Australian defence The Australian Defence Force has asked Rheinmetall Defence to evaluate Israel's Iron Fist Active Protection System (APS) developed by Elbit Systems' IMI
  2. LAND 400 Phase 2 RWS Contract Signing; LAND 400 Phase 3 Down Selection Success; New Counter Drone Product Released; ADM Annual Defence Survey; COMMUNICATIONS. New CEO Communications Systems; EOS Professorial Chair Established at UQ ; Acquisition Of Satellite Communications Business Completed ; SPACE NEWS. EOS STEM Scholarship Program 2019. Meet STEM sensation Jessica Todd with very real career.
  3. Rheinmetall has submitted a bid for the Australian Army's LAND 400 Phase 3 - Mounted Close Combat Capability programme. In August 2018, the Australian Government released a request for tender for Phase 3 of the LAND 400 project.. The LAND 400 project has been designed to replace the existing M113AS4 armoured personnel carriers and their variants with a fleet of up to 450 of the latest.
  4. The Australian Army has commenced training on the new Boxer 8x8 Combat Reconnaissance Vehicles (CRV) which are being delivered under the LAND 400 Phase 2 program. The 211 new Boxer 8x8 CRVs will replace Army's Australian Light Armoured Vehicles. Minister..
  5. The Boxer CRV will be acquired under the Land 400 Phase 2 program. See the story in the April 2018 issue of DTR: The Australian Defence Force - Battle Cry - Duration: 6:20. SolarEchoSmith.
  6. The AMV35 has been down selected for the Land 400 phase 2 program. We're committed to building the AMV35 in Australia, providing jobs for the Australian defence industry
  7. Curtiss-Wright's Defense Solutions division today announced it has secured a contract with Rheinmetall Defence Australia to deliver its turret drive stabilization system in support of the.

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The following is derived from various wanderings, discussions, & tyre kicking, and covers an opinion on the forthcoming Land 400 Phase 3 Request for Tender, and is as per June 2018. General: Phase 2 will significantly shape participation in Phase 3. Costs for the two bidders that weren't shor.. Sehen Sie sich das Profil von Milan Bratovic auf LinkedIn an, dem weltweit größten beruflichen Netzwerk. 3 Jobs sind im Profil von Milan Bratovic aufgelistet. Sehen Sie sich auf LinkedIn das vollständige Profil an. Erfahren Sie mehr über die Kontakte von Milan Bratovic und über Jobs bei ähnlichen Unternehmen Defence Minister Linda Reynolds said the Boxer, built under the Land 400 phase 2 program, was part of the Morrison Government's $200 billion investment in new defence hardware. The first Boxer combat reconnaissance vehicle will be unveiled in Brisbane on Tuesday

Rheinmetall wins $3 billion Australian - Defense New

Department of Defence Land 400 Phase 2 Kane were awarded the Design & Construct Head Contract for the $5M Department of Defence Land 400 Project in November 2015. The program aimed to deliver protected mobility and blast systems to the Land Force to support the conduct of mounted close combat Visit the APDR website for the latest Land 400 Phase 2 and Land 400 Phase 3 articles. We cover defence news in the SE Asia region

Protective armour for Army's new CRVs to be produced in Bayswater if BAE Systems wins LAND 400 Phase 2. RUAG Australia will supply leading edge appliqué armour for the next generation of Australian Army Combat Reconnaissance Vehicles for LAND 400 Phase 2, if BAE Systems Australia wins the tender for this project. The company has committed to a transfer of technology from RUAG Switzerland to. Rheinmetall are producing the majority of the Land 400 Phase 2 winner, the Boxer, in Queensland. Defence Minister Senator Linda Reynolds announced; This project will deliver Australia a brand-new, cutting edge capability. But we will also ensure we are well placed to work together with industry, to grow and develop the capability over the. Boxer CRVs moving cross-country, Australian Land 400 trials - Duration: 1:43. Defence Technology Review Magazine 41,058 view CANBERRA, Australia, Aug. 1 (UPI) --BAE Systems and Rheinmetall have been chosen to participate in the next state of evaluation for Australia's LAND 400 Phase 2 program, the defense department.

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Boxer CRV through to the next round - Australian Defence

Commonwealth signs LAND 400 Phase 2 RWS Contract EOS

Phase 2 of the LAND 400 program seeks a replacment for the 13.2 tonnes ASLAV. The ASLAV is used by the Australian Army as scout vehicle, armored personnel carrier (APC), command vehicle, armored ambulance and also as support vehicle Rheinmetall and the LAND 400 defence programme. Under this major international project, the Australian Army's armoured reconnaissance and mechanized infantry units will be outfitted with a wide array of new heavy equipment. Rüdiger Britzen, in overall charge of LAND 400 at Rheinmetall, introduces the project, detailing how different continents, countries and company locations are joining.

Lynx and Redback shortlisted for LAND 400 Phase 3 - ADB

Rheinmetall bot den Lynx den Australischen Verteidigungsstreitkräften für Phase 3 ihres Land-400-Programms an. Dies folgte der erfolgreichen Platzierung des GTK Boxers für Land 400 Phase 2. Im September 2019 wurde bekanntgegeben, dass Rheinmetall mit dem Lynx in der Endrunde des Auswahlverfahrens steht Under Australia's LAND 400 Phase 2 selection process, the Boxer CRV was chosen in 2016 as one of two candidates for Risk Mitigation Activity trials where the 8×8 wheeled armoured vehicle performed convincingly in the categories of survivability, mobility, firepower, and command & control. www.rheinmetall.co Handover of first Land 400 Phase 2 EOS RWS CASG takes receipt of the first two R400 Mk2 D-HD-3X Remote Weapon Systems to be used on the Boxer, as part of the Project Land 400 Phase 2... 04 June, 201

Rheinmetall's Boxer CRV takes out $5

Australia shortlists Hanwha and Rheinmetall for LAND 400

LAND 400 Phase II. Federal Defence Minister Kevin Andrews has opened the tender for the multi-billion dollar project to replace the Australian Defence Force's Australian Light Armoured Vehicle. Fishermans Bend, Future Submarines and Future Frigates Programs, LAND 400 Phase 2 and the Defence CRC in Trusted Autonomous Systems Future Submarines and Future Frigates Programs Following the appointment of Naval Group as the successful tenderer for the Future Submarines Program, the Victorian Government has been working on attracting Naval Group's European Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers to. Allies News Headlines Industry News LAND Rheinmetall, Raytheon team to offer Lynx KF41 as US Army's Next Generation Combat Vehicle. by Max Blenkin October 15, 2018 October 16, 201

Rheinmetall names first major supplier for LAND 400 Phase 2

Land 400 phase 2 replacement program is set to replace the existing 257 ASLAVs with 211 Boxers. Land 400 phase 3 replacement program is set to replace 431 M113AS3/4 APCs. To complement current artillery, a new class of long-range rocket artillery is to be introduced in the mid 2020s. The new system, yet to be named, will be able to provide fire support for troops at three hundred kilometres. A. Registrations are now open for the Land 400 Phase 3 RFT Industry briefing session to be held during the Land Forces Conference in Adelaide on Wednesday 5 September, full details are contained within the Tender Details Schedule in Part 1 - Conditions of Tender. There will also be an opportunity for one-on-one meetings on Wednesday 5 and Thursday 6 September and pre-registration is required Australia has announced the approval of the Land 200 Tranche 2 Project which will enhance the Australian Defence Force's digital command, control and communications (C3) systems. The approval of the Land 200 Tranche 2 project, worth up to $1.4 billion, was announced by the Australian Minister for Defence Industry, Christopher Pyne MP and Minister for Defence, Senator Marise Payne ScoMo stranded in Cairns Rheinmetall, which plans to base its construction in Queensland, won the $5 billion Land 400 phase 2 contract to build 225 state-of-the-art armoured vehicles and set up a construction centre near ­Ipswich. The Land 400 Phase 3 Program will replace the M113 Armoured Personnel Carriers

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Hanwha announces Land 400 Phase 3 team - AustralianRheinmetall and Hanwha shortlisted for Land 400 Phase 3

LAND 400 Phase 3 Australian - Department of Defence

Investment in defence will sustain and develop critical skills across the Union 5 Oct 2020. Events . Speeches . Articles . Careers . Explore careers in Australia . Explore careers globally . Defence for Financial Services; Multimedia; Contact Us; Newsroom. Newsroom Combat-proven CV90 offered for LAND 400 Phase 3 bid. BAE Systems offers combat-proven CV90 for LAND 400 Phase 3 bid. 7 Mar 2019. At BAE Systems, we provide some of the world's most advanced, technology-led defence, aerospace and security solutions. We employ a skilled workforce of 83,100 people in 40 countries. Working with customers and local partners, we develop, engineer, manufacture and support products and systems to deliver military capability, protect national security and people, and keep critical information.

Rheinmetall Defence Australia - Land 400 Phase 2 Progra

General Dynamics Land Systems - Australia was established in 2000 to support the delivery of the ASLAV wheeled armoured fighting vehicles and has manufactured approximately 400, LAV-25 turrets. General Dynamics Land Systems-Australia represents General Dynamics Land Systems in the Pacific region. We operate as a prime contractor to the Australian Defence Force and supply, upgrade and support the ADF's Armoured Fighting Vehicle fleets The Australian Department of Defence has selected BAE Systems Australia and Rheinmetall to participate in the next stage of evaluation for LAND 400 Phase 2, Armys Mounted Combat Reconnaissance. LAND 400 PHASE 3 INDUSTRY BRIEFING - Wednesday 5 September 2018 at Land Forces 2018. To register for the LAND 400 Phase 3 RFT Industry briefing session please email the LAND 400 Phase 3 Contact officer: LAND400.Phase3@defence.gov.au with no more than four people from your company by 29 August 2018 with RFT Industry Briefing in the subject heading. You will be advised of the venue details and.

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LAND 129 Phase 3 AAUS Capability Brief Project Land 129 Phase 3 (L129-3) will replace and enhance the existing Shadow 200 v1 TUAS capability operated by 20th Surveillance and Target Acquisition Regiment (20 STA Regt). The project will grow the capability to provide a third sub-unit and provide an enduring capability effect that enables 24/7 intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR. Although LYNX is an entirely new and unproven vehicle, Rheinmetall could be considered a front runner in the competition because it was selected for the Land 400 Phase 2 Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle element of the programme The Australian Defence Department approved today the second phase of the army digitization program known as LAND 200. The program comprises the Land 75 and Land 125, each separated into Tranche phases. Delivering a holistic Land networking solution for two Army Brigades, Land 200 also supports the training and simulation establishments, Special. Under Project Air 6000 Phase 3, Australia will spend A$110m ($78.21m) on new weapons and countermeasures for the Lockheed Martin-built F-35A Joint Strike Fighters (JSF) and Boeing-made F/A-18F Super Hornets. Australia Defence Minister Christopher Pyne noted that the investment will ensure the availability of necessary weapons and decoys as the country transitions from the ageing FA-18A/B. March 21, 2019 March 21, 2019 DP Press Releases 0 Comments Australia, Australian Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group (CASG), Australian Defence Force (ADF), General Atomics, General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc (GA-ASI), General Atomics MQ-9 Predator B, General Atomics MQ-9B SkyGuardian, Project AIR 7003 (Australia), Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF), Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV

GDLS considers Land 400 Phase 3 - Australian Defence MagazineGeneral Dynamics-Thales team for Land 400 Phase 2 - Land

Defense News reported last year that Land 2097 Phase 4 is seeking at least 16 helicopters to fulfil the requirement, with major delivery of equipment to be delivered in 2022 and initial operating. Australia's government announces an A$ 7.2 million five-year contract to provide Australian-based training for RQ-7B operators and maintainers. The training will be delivered through AAI Corporation's Australian-based subsidiary Aerosonde Pty Ltd., and will begin in Queensland in April 2013. Troops will train using Australia's second Shadow 200 system, which was delivered 12 months ahead. Defence's LAND 129 Phase 3 project office has called for industry information in the form of a survey to inform its pre-Gate 1 Shadow 200 UAS replacement program. Defence wants to learn more about Australian business capability to inform its Army Program Land 129 Phase 3, the survey reads. The survey is intended to provide an opportunity for Australian industry to engage with. Land 400 phase 2 Cavalry Reconnaissance Vehicle (BAFO due 11 Aug) Land 19 Phase 7B Ground Based Air Defence. Combat Service Support Projects: JP2060 Ph 3 Deployable Health Capability (RFT out now) JP 2060 Ph 4 Deployable Health Knowledge Management JP2059 Bulk Liquid Distribution (project closing) Land 8140 Deployable Force Infrastructure Land 8190 Bulk Liquid Distribution. Army Aviation.

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